ID 0
Date 17/12/2010
Type Architectural Services
Sector Arts & leisure / Offices/Commercial / Urban design
City Zhaotong
Country China
Posted By Yunnan Province Dashanbao Tourism Development Co. Ltd. 
Language Chinese 
Deadline 23/12/2010
Surface Area  
Construction Value  
Service Fee  
Summary Tourism development zone 
Description Conceptual architecture design tender for Dashanbao Tourism Development Zone, Yunnan Province

Detail: The contents of this project include the bus transfer center, the tourist reception center, the commercial street, the parking lot and the Zone A and Zone B of the tourism market town. This tender is seeking architecture design for the project contents which are mentioned above.

1. To have registered in China, and have independent legal status.
2. To have both Construction Engineering Design Grade-A qualification and Urban Design Grade-B or above qualification.
3. This tender does not accept consortiums.


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Contact Name Mao Yan-fen, Li Yi-hong 
Tel (86) 870-2858205, 871-5653931, 13708459054 
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