ID 0
Date 07/04/2016
Type Architectural Services
Sector Arts & leisure
City Zhaotong
Country China
Posted By Zhaotong Haohua Real Estate Development Co., Ltd 
Language Chinese 
Deadline 13/04/2016
Surface Area 163,008 sqm 
Construction Value 795m CNY 
Service Fee  
Summary Spa complex development 
Description Project name: Central City spa tourism development project design tender

Project location: The project is located in South hot spring area of Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province.

Project overview: The project covers a land area of 163,008m2.

Tender contents: The tender is looking for program design, preliminary design, construction design and provide comprehensive guidance during construction and follow-up services

1. The bidder must have valid business license.
2. The bidder must have Construction Administrative Departments issued Grade-A Comprehensive Engineering Design qualification or Engineering construction industry (construction) professional Grade-A qualification.
3. Provides by legitimate Auditors auditing financial statements and audit reports nearly three years (2012, ~2014 years).
4. To has undertaken a (or more) design project performance of similar size (evidence of notification of award or contract agreement) in the past three years.
5. The proposed project manager is expected to possess National Grade-One Architect and registered in the enterprise,the past three years has undertaken a (or more) similar scale design project performance.
6. Foreign companies must apply for entry permit to Yunnan for the record.
7. This tender will not accept consortium bidders.

Client: YING Gang
Telephone: +86-13508707948

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Contact Name Ms. Yang 
Tel +86-13087480585 
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