ID 0
Date 24/10/2013
Type Competition
Sector Arts & leisure / Urban design
City Zhanjiang
Country China
Posted By Zhanjiang Economic and Technological Development Zone Housing and Planning Construction Bureau 
Language Chinese 
Deadline 11/11/2013
Surface Area  
Construction Value  
Service Fee 0.48m CNY 
Summary Coastal area planning & design 
Description Zhanjiang Economic and Technological Development Zone Donghai CBD Donghai Park Area concept planning and design competition

Donghai CBD Donghai Park Area is located in the land plot at the south of Donghai Mansion in Donghai Avenue of Donghai Island, Zhanjiang city. The planning area of the present project covers around 793.8 mu (1mu ≈ 666.7 m2). Of which, the core area of the Park Area accounts for 168 mu, surrounded co-ordinated area accounts for 625.8mu.

According to the position of Donghai CBD, the project aims to become a comprehensive urban park square with sound facilities, top environment and ocean cultures. The tender is looking for planning and design for the target area.

1. Applicants must be individual institutes / consortiums with legal business qualification in China
2. To hold grade-A urban-rural planning qualification with design capacity and practical experience in similar projects.
3. In terms of consortium, there should be at least one party of a consortium who holds grade-A urban planning qualification.
4. To possess independent legal personality and successful design samples.

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