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Date 01/02/2019
Type Architectural Services
Sector Arts & leisure / Hotels / Infrastructure / Interiors / Landscape / Residential / Sustainability
City Albemarle, NC
Country United States
Posted By Natural and Cultural Resources – Division of Parks and Recreation 
Language English 
Deadline 06/02/2019
Surface Area  
Construction Value 4.21m USD 
Service Fee  
Summary State park accommodation upgrade 

Morrow Mountain State Park – NC Connect Bond Project and R&R Project
Design Services Architecture/Engineering

Morrow Mountain is one of the first four state parks opened to the public in 1939. These two projects will cover several areas of the park and will be broken out into two main funding sources for a total of $4,214,300. One project is the Bond project and the second project is the 2017 R&R project. Our intentions are to have both projects completed under the same contract. 

Bond Project - This work will be in Loop C camping area. State Parks would like to demolish the existing Bath/Shower House and construct a more suitable structure. The current bath house is over 50 years old, does not meet current ADA, as well as having ventilation issues, exposed plumbing, and other deficiencies. The addition of up to 10 small rustic camper cabins in this area will also boost interest to the park, two of which should be ADA accessible and located within close proximity to the new bath house. 

R&R Project - This work will include renovation of 5 family vacation cabins which are over 30 years old. The work on the cabins will include replacing most of the interior finishes, plumbing, and other renovations. There are 3 Bath/Shower Houses in various campgrounds that were constructed in the 60's, which are not ADA compliant. The bath houses have typical deficiencies that would coincide with 1960's construction standards (i.e. exposed plumbing). The swimming pool area needs renovation and a redesign of the concession space to provide adequate storage and flow for staff at that location. The kiddie pool is deficient according to code, and it is the intent to demolish that area and replace it with a either a splash pad or additional seating/lounge area. Tile and stonework will accompany the pool area renovations. The summit area renovations will include a sidewalk extension, stonework, and renovating the picnic shelter back into a concession area complete with electrical. Removing or properly abandoning the old septic tank that is tied to the original bathroom, as well as renovation of deteriorated finishes of the same building. If funding allows, there are some sections of the current trail system that need to be re-routed using a sustainable design, stabilization measures will also need to be incorporated in some sections.

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Contact Name Mark Lyons 
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