ID 0
Date 06/03/2019
Type Architectural Services
Sector Arts & leisure / Civic buildings / Education / Sports
City Gong’an County
Country China
Posted By Gong’an County Cultural and Sports Press and Publication Bureau 
Language Chinese 
Deadline 13/03/2019
Surface Area 217,979 sqm 
Construction Value  
Service Fee 500 CNY 
Summary Cultural & sports centre design 

Details: Project name: Gong’an County Cultural and Sports Centre Phase II Project Design Tender

Project location: The project is located in Gong’an County, Hubei Province.

Project overview: The project cover a land area of 217,979.28 m2. The main buildings include libraries, cultural halls, museums, archives, science and technology halls, comprehensive ball games halls, gymnasiums, swimming pools, urban planning exhibition halls, outdoor stadiums and cultural activities squares.

Tender contents: Preliminary design, construction design, follow-up design and drawing examination service.

1.To abide by the 22nd of Government Procurement Law of the P.R.C.
2.Applicants must possess independent legal personality.
3.Applicants are expected to possess all of the following qualifications:
A. Grade-A Comprehensive Engineering Survey Qualification.
B. Grade-A Comprehensive Engineering Design Qualification or Grade-A Construction Industry (Construction Engineering) Design Qualification.
4.The proposed project manager is expected to possess National Grade-One Registered Architect Qualification.
5.The proposed technology leader is expected to possess Grade-One Registered Structural Engineer Qualification.
6.Applicants shall have at least one design performance with a single building area of no less than 20,000 m2 in recent three years.
7.The tender is not open to consortium bidders.

Contact Client: HUANG Qifeng
Telephone: +86-716-5112046

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Contact Name LI Qiong 
Tel +86-716-5150384 
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