ID 0
Date 03/01/2019
Type Architectural Services
Sector Infrastructure / Landscape / Residential
City Hanslope
Country United Kingdom
Posted By FCO Services 
Language English 
Deadline 10/01/2019
Surface Area  
Construction Value 118,000 GBP 
Service Fee  
Summary Residential building & boundary wall design services 

Consultants are invited to submit a fee proposal for a multi-disciplinary team to, design, tender and evaluate bids for the provision of:
1. Residential building
2. Boundary wall.

A planning application was completed by O'Mahoney Pike Architects, DBFL engineers and serves as the basis point for developing a detailed design for tender and subsequent construction. The Option of building a new 3m high boundary wall & 5 bedroom residential building has been selected by the FCO to be developed into a tender package, to be delivered to the outline programme detailed in the following sections. The outline programme is to be developed further by the project team to take into account seasonal considerations, adjacent construction site works & security considerations.

Using the feasibility study as the basis, the design team is to review and further refine the proposed layout [for agreement/ sign-off by the key stakeholders] as part of RIBA Stage 2. This will include consideration to undertake minor amendments and update of the SOR to be agreed as part of a presentation before continuing to RIBA stage 3 & 4. As part of the stage 2 report, the design team is to comment on the construction strategy which will also take into account the adjacent construction site, to outline proposals for traffic management and security. The design team should note that these discussions will involve several senior stakeholders:

1. British Ambassador to Dublin
2. FCO Security Advisors
3. MOD
4. Irish Guarda
5. Project team
The Stage 2 report should outline proposals for agreement and implementation in the next stages of the project.

The agreed design is to be developed to RIBA Stage 4 along with accompanying specifications, drawings, schedules and contract documents to tender the project under a RAIA form of contract, utilizing a design & build procurement route. To note, a task of the employer appointed QS (already engaged) will be to appraise various forms of contract and to recommend the appropriate form of contract to the FCO whilst liaising with the project team. The project team will be appointed by the project manager under a bespoke Professional Services Contract, with Collateral Warranties back to the FCO Services. The intention is that the design liability is novated to the D&B contractor once the construction contract is let, without prejudicing the CW's to the FCO.

The consultant will be required to work in conjunction with the client appointed QS to agree procurement packages, procurement routes and also to make sure the tender process conforms to the FCO standard, whilst utilizing the consultant's local construction knowledge. It is intended that the clients QS fulfils the contract administrator role, whilst the design team is novated to the principle contractor.

More details contained in Scope document.

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