ID 0
Date 20/11/2019
Type Architectural Services
Sector Laboratory / Offices/Commercial
City Shenzhen
Country China
Posted By Shenzhen City Vanke Urban Construction Management Co., Ltd. 
Language Chinese 
Deadline 29/11/2019
Surface Area 184,855 sqm 
Construction Value 2.31bn CNY 
Service Fee  
Summary Science & technology building 

Details: Project name: Nanshan District Science and Technology Union Building Architectural Design Tender

Project location: The project is located in Nanshan District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province.

Project overview: The project is planned to build a headquarters building with 15 enterprises. The planned land area of the project is 111,88.3 m2, and the proposed total construction area is not more than 184,855 m2. Among them, the research and development house is 159,485 m2, the supporting business is 15,000 m2, the dining hall is 5,000 m2, and the bus station is 5,000 m2.

Tender contents: Scheme design, preliminary design, construction site service.

Design fee: 14.79 million CNY

Requirements: 1.The tender is open to domestic and foreign design units.
2.Domestic applicants must possess independent legal personality.
3.The proposed project manager is expected to possess National Grade-One Registered Architect Qualification.
4.Applicants should have project experience in super high-rise public buildings of the same type with a building area of 100,000 m2 or more in recent 10 years.
5.The tender is open to consortium bidders.

Contact Client: LI Heng
Telephone: +86-13682601275

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Contact Name LI Qiuli 
Tel +86-15816885553 
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