ID DNR-190041
Date 30/11/2018
Type Architectural Services
Sector Arts & leisure / Hotels / Infrastructure / Landscape / Sports
City Cambridge, OH
Country United States
Posted By Ohio Facilities Construction Commission 
Language English 
Deadline 05/12/2018
Surface Area 161,94 sqft 
Construction Value 4.36m USD 
Service Fee  
Summary State park lodge renovation 

Request for Qualifications (Architect / Engineer)

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) through the Division of Parks and Recreation (P&R) is responsible for the management of the Salt Fork State Park Lodge in Guernsey County. The lodge provides recreational activities, primarily dining and lodging, with access to outdoor facilities such as a swimming pool, to the park users and the public in general. Salt Fork State Park Lodge was opened for business in 1972. The lodge has 161,945 square feet of space and 148 guest rooms. Except for a few mechanical system replacements, no major renovations have occurred. The existing roof is beyond its useful lifecycle and is exposing the building to water infiltration and damage.

The intent of this project is for renovations to the Salt Fork State Park Lodge. The proposed project includes the replacement of all roofs (sloped and flat), exterior building envelope improvements, and life safety upgrades. The life safety upgrades may include a new fire suppression system, sprinkler standpipes and replacement site fire waterlines, upgrades to the fire alarm system (including elevator recall), and additional egress lighting and emergency exit signage.

The Lodge will be open to the public during construction (occupied renovation). Work will need to be scheduled/coordinated to minimize disruption.

A Facility Assessment was performed in 2016 and will be available for review by all short-listed A/E Consultants.

The development of a complete Program of Requirements (POR) will also be included as part of the Professional Design as an Additional Service. The development of the POR will include a comprehensive survey/field investigation of the existing roof and life safety components of the lodge. The project scope will be evaluated, prioritized and defined to align with the project budget. Evaluation of the project schedule will also be a part of the POR stage. Roof replacement is ODNR’s first priority.

State Prevailing Wage requirements apply to this project.

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Contact Name Jill Hoobler 
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