ID 0
Date 22/07/2020
Type Architectural Services
Sector Residential
City Kunshan
Country China
Posted By Kunshan City Development Zone Dongcheng Construction Development Co., Ltd. 
Language Chinese 
Deadline 31/07/2020
Surface Area 108,794 sqm 
Construction Value  
Service Fee  
Summary Residential quarter design 

Details: Project name: Pengxiyuan B2 New Construction Project Design Tender

Project location: The project is located in Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province.

Project overview: The planned land area of this project is 44,991.2 m2, and the total construction area is approximately 108,793.71 m2, of which the volume rate area is approximately 101,161.6 m2 (including 64,043.7 m2 for residential buildings, 2219.35 m2 for public buildings and supporting houses, and 34,898.55 m2 for semi-underground garages).

Tender contents: Scheme design and construction drawing design.

Requirements: 1.Applicants must possess independent legal personality.
2.Applicants are expected to possess one of the following qualifications:
A. Grade-A Comprehensive Engineering Design Qualification.
B. Grade-A Construction Industry Design Qualification.
C. Grade-A Construction Industry (Construction Engineering) Design Qualification.
3.The proposed project manager is expected to possess Grade-One Registered Architect Qualification.

Contact Client: Engineer YANG
Telephone: +86-18551261518

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Contact Name Engineer GU 
Tel +86-512-50193981 
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