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Date 17/11/2017
Type Competition
Sector Arts & leisure / Civic buildings / Education / Landscape
City Sevenoaks
Country United Kingdom
Posted By RIBA Competitions 
Language English 
Deadline 05/12/2017
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Summary New nature & wellbeing centre 

Sevenoaks Nature & Wellbeing Centre.

This open design competition is seeking design concepts from registered architects and architect−led teams worldwide for a new visitor centre for Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve in Kent.

The new visitor centre will be the flagship visitor centre for Kent Wildlife Trust (KWT) offering key messaging around nature, health and wellbeing.

The Nature and Wellbeing Centre will be the gateway to Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve. It will be a place to discover, learn, research, be active, get connected, give and explore.

It will be the first centre of its kind in the country dedicated to connecting people and nature in ways that evidence and demonstrate positive benefits for both people and wildlife. It will also raise awareness about the importance of conservation work on our own wellbeing and that of the planet.

The Nature and Wellbeing Centre will be a hub for engaging local people and communities in an exemplary volunteer−led advocacy programme utilising local skills, knowledge and talent in widespread sustainable engagement and bringing together people who value healthy living and nature.

The centre will be a county leader in outdoor education providing some of the most imaginative and inspiring outdoor learning initiatives for children, young people and for adults. The centre will be a place that heralds innovation, creativity and the engagement of unique partnerships and collaborations.

The Nature and Wellbeing Centre will reveal the stories behind our conservation wins, habitat management and our visions for the future, connecting the detail with the bigger picture, the cellular with the larger ecosystem and our role and connection within that.

The Nature and Wellbeing Centre will engage local enterprise in the operation and development of the centre through assisted business start−up opportunities, collaborations with local artists, practitioners, therapists and makers and provide a platform for local produce and business.
Sevenoaks will be a place:
- of enriched biodiversity
- to foster a greater understanding of wildlife amongst people
- to facilitate the connection between biodiversity and personal health and wellbeing
- to build awareness of ecosystem services
- to enhance people's own sense of wellbeing through nature activities
- to convey messaging about sustainability and care of the planet

Our key audiences will be those interested in landscape, wildlife or habitats; educational visits (from school children to "third age" learners) supporting education in heritage and ecology; the visiting public, both local people, tourists and families. Extensive community use of the building and landscape is also envisaged.

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