ID 402560-2021
Date 06/08/2021
Type Competition
Sector Arts & leisure / Sports
City Val Fourré
Country France
Posted By commune de Mantes la Jolie 
Language French 
Deadline 22/09/2021
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Construction Value  
Service Fee  
Summary New sports complex 

Restricted competition for architectural services aimed at the construction of a new sports complex in Val Fourré

This is a restricted competition on Sketches organized in application of articles R2162-15, and R2162-16 to R2162-23 of the Code of public procurement. In line with the urban renewal carried out in the northern districts of Val Fourré as part of the implementation of the agreement signed with the National Agency for Urban Renovation (Anru) relating to the urban renewal project of Mantois between 2005 and 2015, all the stakeholders are now coordinating their efforts in transforming the southern districts of Val Fourré.

Thus, in view of the conclusions of the Real Estate Masterplan carried out on all of the municipal built heritage, the City wishes to build a new complex sports, based on the school program of the future college of innovation, and with the aim of reconstituting the sports offer of the Pierre Souquet and Louis Lecuyer gymnasiums, today dilapidated and saturated at the level of the niches of use.

It will also be a question of designing an facility meeting the requirements of the new sports activities in vogue (cross fit, climbing) and thus proposing a new sports offer on the scale of the territory of Mantois, this complex will be built in two phases:

Phase 1: reorganization of the offer present in the P.Souquet gymnasium, and the needs related to the new College as well as the development of other sports practices, in particular combat sports.

Phase 2: reorganisation of the gymnasium's offer L. Lecuyer The land identified for the construction of sports facility is located at 2 rue Denis Diderot, on cadastral plot Ar539. Future facility will have to be versatile and multifunctional. It should allow the hosting of para-sporting events, in particular by using the space of the main type E gymnasium as an event hall (with a public capacity of 350 seats). The combat sports center will also accommodate 90 spaces for the public. Surface parking spaces will be provided on the plot (approximately 20 spaces) this restricted competition only concerns phase 1. 1 amounts to 10 100,000 euro (s) excluding tax, value January 2019. In accordance with the public order code, more particularly articles R2162-15 to R2162-26, the City of Mantes-La-Jolie is organizing a restricted competition architectural services, for the purpose of signing a contract without advertising or competition for architectural services, designating the architectural services team that will be in charge of this project. The selection of the winner will be made on the basis of of a sketch (Esq).

Type of procedure: Restricted

Number of participants envisaged: 3

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