ID 0
Date 01/06/2021
Type Competition
Sector Arts & leisure / Civic buildings
City Nikola-Lenivets
Country Russia
Posted By Art Park 
Language Russian/English 
Deadline 06/06/2021
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Summary Art festival installation design 

Maslenitsa in Nikola-Lenivets 2022International open call for the best concept of an art object for Maslenitsa 2022 in Nikola-Lenivets.

Define the best concept of an art object for Maslenitsa 2022 in Nikola-Lenivets (Russia, Kaluga region). Maslenitsa in Nikola-Lenivets is not just a folk festival with pancakes and burning of the Maslenitsa scarecrow. It's always an one-day performance that ends with a big spectacular bonfire. This special piece of art was created for months to disappear in just a few hours. This is how the Art Park team believes the real art should look like — it is not stored under the museum's glass, but appears for a short time to exist in the memory of everyone who has seen it. The burning of art objects in Nikola-Lenivets began in 2001 — that's when the main idea appeared — to curb the intractable fire and make it a co-author of every art work.

At different times «Media Tower», «Baikonur», «Gradirnum», «Firebird», «Pyramid» and «Bastille» were burned there. Meanwhile the flame in Nikola Lenivets is not a symbol of hatred or righteous anger, as when flags or books are burned. Only on this day, flame is a peaceful nature phenomenon and the main part of the carnival. Its heat, light and absolute power is a symbol of long awaited spring sun after a long Russian winter. This force shouldn't be given to a hastily made doll, the force should be given only to something really grandiose. What would it be exactly? This year we are offering you to invent the main art object of Maslenitsa-2022.

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