ID 0
Date 29/11/2018
Type Architectural Services
Sector Residential / Sustainability
City Hefei
Country China
Posted By Hefei Dongcheng Yiju Investment Co., Ltd. 
Language Chinese 
Deadline 06/12/2018
Surface Area 285,000 sqm 
Construction Value 1.12bn CNY 
Service Fee 400 CNY 
Summary Resettlement area design services 

Details: Project name: Open Tender for Construction Project Design of Changhe Jiayuan Phase II Resettlement Area of Town Renovation Project in Dianbu Town

Project location: The project is located in Feidong County, Hefei City, Anhui Province.

Project overview: The project covers an area of about 155 mu(666.7m2/mu), with a planned total construction area of approx 285,000 m2, of which the above-ground construction area is 227,000 m2 and the underground construction area is 58,000 m2.

Tender contents: Constructive detailed planning, survey, project proposal, feasibility report, green building design, scheme design, preliminary design, construction drawing design.

Design fee: 10.95 million CNY

1.Applicants are expected to possess one of the following qualifications:
A. Grade-A Comprehensive Engineering Design Qualification.
B. Grade-A Construction Industry (Construction Engineering) Design Qualification.
2.The proposed project manager is expected to possess Grade-One Registered Architect Qualification with a senior engineer title.
3.The tender is not open to consortium bidders.

Contact Client: ZHU Dongqing
Telephone: +86-551-67896636

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Contact Name Engineer QIAO 
Tel +86-551-67758761 
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