New transit hub planned for Nanjing

3 August 2018
  • LWK & Partners
  • LWK & Partners

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LWK wins bid to design 400,000 sqm development

LWK & Partners have been selected to design a transit-oriented development (TOD) project in Nanjing, situated near Taishan Xincun Station and Baotashan Country Park. The location is a base for research, development and education facilities with established links to the rest of the city. The new TOD will have a gross floor area of approximately 400,000 sqm containing a public transit hub, office towers, residential buildings, shopping malls, a commercial street, and a district services centre. 

Mr. Dennis Chan, Director of LWK, commented: “Our purpose was to study the location and surroundings of the railway station, so that we can draw a clear plan for the site, define the various spaces that should occupy the site, and how they should occupy it.” Facilities split by the motor highway will be reunited through underground space, while Baotashan Park is set to be restored and developed with the addition of community and public services centres. 

The half-sunken station will house the high-efficiency transit system, with multiple plazas laid across the site to act as new meeting points for city events. A fluid design characterises the commercial building, which is a continuation of Nanjing’s natural surroundings of mountains and water, with earth-covered constructions blending into the existing hills. The residential tower will feature a series of rooftop gardens, which will not only enhance the living experience for the occupants, but also embellish the Nanjing skyline. 

Mr. Ronald Liang, Managing Director of LWK, said, “TOD is an effective solution for the increasingly congested metropolitans. We foresaw the potential of the concept, which was why we decided to break into the TOD market early – it was an investment that has now paid off as our efforts are gaining recognition from our clients. As a company that is responsible to its community, we are making definite progress towards smarter cities.”

Lucy Nordberg
TenderStream Head of Research

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