Shortlist revealed for Russian eco-city contest

11 September 2018
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Finalists chosen to create Kazan development masterplan

In July, an open international competition was launched to find a concept and masterplan for a new experimental eco-district in Kazan, capital of Russia’s semi-autonomous Tatarstan region. The 759 ha project, located on a disused artillery base, is intended to support a new non-urban lifestyle within the city limits, including different elements integrated into the natural landscape. The contest attracted 122 entrants from 20 countries, with contestants presenting their vision in the form of an essay, accompanied by a graphic representation of architectural and town-planning solutions. 

Now, the shortlist has been announced, featuring three international design teams as follows:

Team leader: Knight Frank (Russia, England)
Members: XTU Architects (France), OXO Architects (France), John Thompson & Partners/JTP (England), Architectural Desant (Russia, Republic of Tatarstan), TERRA SCAPE (Belgium)
Team leader: Buromoscow (Russia)
Members: NL Architects (Holland) and OKRA Landscape Architects (Holland)
Team leader: ASADOV and partners (Russia)
Members: Prospecta (Russia), HPBS (Russia), Bioregional Consulting Limited (UK), LDA Design Consulting Limited (UK), KPMG Limited (Russia)

Ilsur Metshin, competition jury member and Mayor of Kazan, expects the completed development will prove attractive to visitors and residents from outside the area. He stated: “I am sure that not only Kazan, Tatarstan and the Volga region residents will buy housing, apartments or houses. The eco-district will be of interest to residents of the capital, St. Petersburg, and other regions.” In addition to providing desirable properties, the planners intend to influence other sustainable design projects across the globe. 

Sergey Georgievsky, the general director of the agency for strategic development, ‘CENTRE’, commented: “We hope that in the end, we will get three absolutely realisable projects that could become special not only for Kazan, but also for the topic of eco-design and construction in Russia and the world.”

The winner will be announced on November 7, 2018.

Lucy Nordberg
TenderStream Head of Research

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