New plans revealed for the Netherland's oldest university

12 January 2023
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KCAP presents humanities campus development strategy to Leiden city citizens

The Leiden University Humanities campus urban development plan by Tendertream member KCAP is currently on display to the public, viewable at the city council offices until 1st February. Leiden University is the Netherland’s oldest university, with a strong international reputation and an ambition to expand. KCAP created a redevelopment strategy that includes a partial renovation of existing buildings, the addition of new buildings and expansion of the educational program, all intended to create an inviting learning environment with additional facilities for the use of city residents.

The plan has a clear focus on the environment, sustainability, mobility and greenery. The current central education building will be demolished, replaced by a new building alongside the canal, while a new park will form the green heart of the campus. With limited access for vehicles, a new footbridge will link the areas on either side of the canal. 

The new outdoor space ensures cohesion between the various buildings and institutions, with central functions situated on the square, including improved infrastructure and further meeting spaces. The sustainable design approach aims to enhance the qualities of the buildings and their relation to each other, as well as improving and connecting to the surrounding site features. 

The humanities faculty is intrinsically connected with the historic city centre and the University Library. In addition to university-related ambitions, the development will result in a new part of the city centre that will invite people from outside the university to use and visit the campus. A mixture of functions such as education, housing, catering, sports facilities and parks will create an attractive and hospitable campus.

The Leiden municipal executive committee is expected to take a decision on the plan in March 2023, which will then be submitted to the city council for adoption.

Lucy Nordberg
Tenderstream Head of Research

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