Vibrant tile facade enlivens new residence in Schoorl

12 January 2023
Credit: Ossip Architectuurfotografie
  • Ossip Architectuurfotografie
  • Ossip Architectuurfotografie
  • Ossip Architectuurfotografie
  • Ossip Architectuurfotografie
  • Ossip Architectuurfotografie
  • Ossip Architectuurfotografie



Mecanoo inspired by surrounding landscape for Dutch countryside villa

Tenderstream member Mecanoo is celebrating the completion of a villa in the Dutch countryside, with a design that directly relates to its site on a rolling dune landscape leading to flat polder terrain. The natural slope embraces Villa BW, which consists of a building volume characterised by a double-curved, twisting roof, coupled with an unusual facade. 

Constructed over three floors, an additional level is contained within the roof, while - due to the shaped terrain and the replenishment of an embankment in the dune landscape - the ground floor and basement level have a direct relationship with the surroundings. Inside, living spaces are organised around curtain wall-enclosed voids and an enclosed wood-cladded core. The curtain wall provides transparency and daylight down to the basement levels, while the enclosed element-feature of the interior from the basement to the hood of the building accommodates supporting functions, such as rising points and sanitary facilities. The interior design is completed by framed views of the surrounding countryside, utilising wooden frames passing through traditional tile work.

The strong connection between the landscape and the house translates into the expression of the facade and roof cladding, with the application of a single natural material, expressed through a custom ceramic tile covering that wraps the entire building. This customised multicoloured glazed tile cladding represents the transitions in the landscape, from dune landscape to polder, and the soil layers, from light to dark. The tile glaze is vibrant, glossy and has an iridescent effect, creating a pearlescent appearance on the tiles, while also influencing the incidence of light on the building’s exterior. 

The exact ratio of various multicoloured tiles was thoroughly studied through sampling. The enamel study was assessed on-site, based on colours, textures and degrees of gloss, using different light conditions. The tiles are oriented vertically, with vertical open joints continuing in one line on the surface of the roof. No repeating pattern is discernible in the façade surfaces, with the variable curvature of the roof plane appearing smooth and less segmented.

Lucy Nordberg
Tenderstream Head of Research

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