UNStudio’s inclusive masterplan selected for Sochi waterfront

27 July 2021
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New development to revitalize leisure resort on Russsia’s Black Sea coast

The concept masterplan by Tenderstream member UNStudio has been selected as the winning proposal in the competition for the development of Sochi waterfront on the Russian Black Sea coast. The development goal is to make Sochi the most progressive and international harbour for culture, technology, health, and innovation, while enriching the life of the local community and visitors. The area is one of Russia’s most important holiday destinations, as well as a historical seaport that is home to significant cultural venues. One aim of the masterplan is to integrate these venues within the new development, in order to create a unified identity.

At one end of the development, a business and innovation centre called Marina City is a destination for either business or leisure travellers, with conference facilities, hotels, nightlife venues, a design and innovation museum and a yacht club. At the other end of the site, the Festival Village area is a space local activities, community use, and casual gathering. In between these two anchors, three themed districts called SoCo Playgrounds, SoCo Arts & Culture, and SoCo Healthy Lifestyle are each defined by a different character and potential target group.

Three different routes connect either end of the waterfront. The Lanes is sheltered from the shore and includes shops, restaurants, and bars. The Boardwalk is lined with palm trees, beach bars, and bathing spots. Weaving between these routes is The Green Wave, a meandering bio-diverse corridor and nature walk. At key intersections with local landmarks, each of the three routes is punctuated by ‘Pops’ - attractions such as concert halls, pop-up galleries, a local market, botanical gardens, university outposts, satellite cultural institutions, and open-air cinemas.

Lucy Nordberg
Tenderstream Head of Research

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